example of 2 people English conversation

example of 2 people English conversation

example of 2 people English conversation

Pejuangspd.Com-The following collection of examples of short Indonesian conversations might be a reference for those of you who have the task of making Indonesian conversations between two people.

Study Group

If: Ran, have you done your Indonesian homework yet?
Rani: Not yet. You have?
If: I haven't.
Rani: Do you want to later study group tonight? We do the homework together. But just at my house huh?
If: Yes. I'll go to your house at around half past seven.
Rani: I'm waiting for you at my house.

To library
Ririn: Nisa, let's go to the canteen!
Anisa: I don't have pocket money. I want to go to the library.
Ririn: I'll pay for it later.
Anisa: Thank you. But, I want to read books in the library.
Ririn: I'm coming with you to the library.

Not leaving
Lisa: Bel, Riska where?
Bela: Riska didn't enter today.
Lisa: Why?
Bela: Said his mother was sick.
Lisa: What's wrong?
Bela: Headache.

National exam
Gisel: Ra, soon there will be a national exam. Are you ready yet?
Tiara: Yes ready not ready to be ready. We just live it.
Gisel: I'm afraid that later I can't answer.
Tiara: So we prepare from now.
Gisel: I learned already. I've practiced a lot of questions.
Tiara: Not only studying, but also mental preparation. You must be confident to face national tests.
Gisel: Yeah too. But, what if the problem is difficult?
Tiara: The important thing is that we work first. We pray that we can do all the national exam questions.
Gisel: I hope so.

Late in school
Andra: Sorry, sir. Today I'm late.
Teacher: You have been late for many times. Is your reason for being late today?
Andra: I woke up late this morning.
Teacher: Your habits. You're late if the reason continues. What time did you sleep last night?
Andra: 11 o'clock, sir.
Teacher: You are a school kid. You don't sleep too late so the morning doesn't wake up late. Understand?
Andra: Understood, sir.
Teacher: If it's still too late, I'll call your parents to school. You can sit now.

Selection of Lurah
Jono: Soon our village will hold a lurah election.
Anto: Then we have a new village later?
Jono: Yes. Hopefully the chosen lurah will be better than the previous lurah.
Anto: Do you already know who the candidates are?
Jono: If I'm not mistaken, Pak Jarwo and Pak Mulyono.
Anto: Mr. Mulyono is the boss?
Jono: Yes.
Anto: Already the boss wants to be a lurah too.
Jono: It doesn't matter if it turns out he really wants to advance this village.

Aldo: Reza, let's play!
Reza: I'm studying.
Aldo: Study later. Now we play.
Reza: After all, it's already late. I have a lot of homework.
Aldo: Later. It's not too late.
Reza: Sorry, Aldo. I have to study.
Aldo: Then already.

Anton: Man, where do you work now?
Maman: I work at a wheel manufacturing plant. Where do you work?
Anton: I'm still unemployed.
Maman: Have you tried sending an application?
Anton: I applied to many companies, but was refused. If there is a job where you work, let me know.
Maman: Actually I want to get out of my place of work.
Anton: What is it like? Will you not regret later? There are still many who need jobs, but those of you who already have jobs want to come out.
Maman: The work is hard, but the salary is not as expected. It's not that I'm not grateful, but if the salary that I get is only for food, I better find another job.
Anton: Yes, too.

Dinda: I go home first!
Nanda: Later. Now it's raining again.
Dinda: Yeah too.
Nanda: Wait for the rain to subside while accompanying me here.
Dinda: Alright.
Nanda: When it rains like this, I remember the past. Back when we were kids, we often played rain. Do you still remember right?
Dinda: Sure. It's a beautiful childhood and will never be repeated.
Nanda: That's life. We who used to be small children, now grow up to be teenagers Later you will become mothers, then become grandmothers. Ha ha ha.
Dinda: Somehow we will stay together like this or not.
Nanda: Hopefully we can stay together.

Finding a Wallet
Aldi: Look! Whose wallet is this?
Umar: Try to see the contents.
Aldi: Wow, it turns out a lot of money.
Umar: We're just two.
Aldi: I don't agree with your opinion.
Umar: Why? We found the wallet.
Aldi: Indeed. But, this money is not ours. We better report it to the police.
Umar: We just take a little.
Aldi: Anyway no. This is not our right.
Umar: It's up to you alone.

Favorite food
Adi: Mother, what are you cooking today?
Mother: Today you cook your favorite food.
Adi: Cook soto huh?
Mother: Yes dear.
Adi: Wow, Mother's cooking must be good.
Mother: Thank you, my child.

Not lecturing
Father: De, forgive father. Daddy doesn't have money for you to go to college.
Dede: It's okay. I'm not going to college either.
Father: Daddy is sad. You used to want to go to college. But, dad can't make it happen.
Dede: I'm sincere if I don't go to college. I can help you find money to help with family expenses.

Thus a collection of examples of short Indonesian conversations between two people.
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