20+ Contoh Teks Pidato Dalam Bahasa Inggris Versi Pejuang S.Pd

20+ Contoh Teks Pidato Dalam Bahasa Inggris Versi Pejuang S.Pd

20+ Contoh Teks Pidato Dalam Bahasa Ingris versi pejuang spd pidato merupakan suaru hal untuk mengunkapkan sesuatu di depan public, namun tak semua orang bisa berpidato di depan orang banyak. kebanyakn darimereka kebingunagan akan mengatakan tentang apa ,mebawa materi tentang apa? apalagi berpidato dalam bahasa inggris, maka akan semakin membuat mereka bingung semua.

Nah, oleh sebab itu saya akan memberikan 20+ contoh teks pidato dalam bahasa inggris agar saudara-saudara semua bisa mempersiapkan diri ketika esok di minta untuk memberikan pidato dalam senuah acara. dan berikut adalah teks pidato untuk berbagai acara:

Examples of Texts for Short Speeches to Love the Country

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Dear Sir, Head of School, SMP 8 Yogyakarta.
Dear Honorable Deputy Principal of Yogyakarta 8th Middle School.
Dear Sirs and Madams, along with the staff of the 8th Yogyakarta Junior High School staff.

First of all, we offer thanks to the presence of Allah SWT for His mercy, guidance and blessings, we can all gather in this place with various conditions. In addition, prayers and greetings to the Prophet Muhammad who had fought hard to guide Muslims to kindness.

This morning I will deliver a speech about the love of the Indonesian homeland. In ancient times, Indonesia was colonized by various kinds of migrants from various countries. They just came to take away the natural resources we have, especially in terms of spices.

Then, when the Dutch arrived, the nation had colonized our beloved country for 3.5 centuries. Of course that is a very long time. There are many heroes and also our fallen citizens to defend this country and gain independence.

At present, all citizens of Indonesia are independent. It's just that the generation of today has increasingly faded loyalty towards this homeland. There are a lot of young people who like brand goods made by western countries, some like to take part in various Japanese and Korean festivals.

That is only a small part of the example of young people who increasingly fade the soul of nationalism. No problem like the culture of other nations. As long as it also always remembers and also helps preserve the culture of this homeland.

So many speeches from me and I apologize if there is a word error.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Examples of Texts for Short Speeches by the Prophet Muhammad SAW

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Muslims and Muslims alike, let us thank Allah SWT for His abundance of fortune and mercy, we can gather without any obstacles today. Then, we say shalwat and greetings to the Prophet Muhammad who brought humanity to Islam and the path of truth.

Today is the month of Rabiul Awal which is an important month for Muslims. This month there were elephant events and then the closing apostle was born, the Prophet Muhammad. Thanks to him, we can all walk the right path by getting to know Islam and out of disbelief.

Thanks to him we have understood various kinds of good and righteous actions, and apart from the era of ignorance. Thanks to him we are all guided to be able to walk to the path full of light of faith and also to fear Allah.

Especially this month, let us all add love to the Prophet Muhammad in accordance with the word of Allah SWT included in the Qur'an Al-Ahzab verse 6, "The Prophet is more important for those who believe in themselves."

Therefore, as Muslims we are required to give priority to our love of Allah SWT and His apostles in this heart compared to other things that are worldly. Remember that living in this world is only for a moment and the hereafter is more eternal.

Examples of Short Speech Texts The Importance of Education

Formal education is an education that can be obtained by all Indonesian people through institutions recognized by the government. Whereas non-formal education is education obtained outside of school.

Formal education is mandatory for every citizen of Indonesia, because it will affect the mindset, expertise, and also the ability to read, write, and count. All of these things will greatly support everyone's future life.

Education will also directly affect the level of welfare of the Indonesian people. The higher the level of education received, the more the person's mindset will progress. Therefore, there will be many future generations that are smart and can be a strong country milestone.

In Indonesia formal education that must be taken is for 12 years. With education so far, it is expected that the next generation of the nation will be able to compete in the era of globalization. The current competition is very strict and if it is not up to date on science, it will be easily colonized by other countries in a modern form.

So many speeches that I convey and hopefully useful. If there is an error in saying, I apologize.

Short Text of Speech Examples Regarding the Importance of Moral Education


Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Dear all, all present at this place.

On this day, let us give thanks to the presence of Allah SWT, because of His blessings and mercy we can all be here and understand more about the importance of moral education. This time, we hope to be able to contribute to building the character or morals of the next young generation.

As we know from a lot of news, there are often fights between students, cases of theft, robbery, and murder. As a present generation, you can also contribute to reducing this crime rate.

The trick is to strengthen and intensify moral lessons for the nation's children today. Changing generations that are already old will be more difficult than changing the younger generation.

So for you ladies and gentlemen, now is your time to provide moral education early. Your children will be hopeful in the future. What is clear, moral education is the responsibility of both parents.

The easiest way to instill morale is to tell various kinds of stories that contain morality. One story that contains moral is the folklore of Malin Kundang. In the story of Malin Kundang, children will understand that respect for parents is very important.

In addition, you who are very fond of various tales from abroad, can also tell about the story of Rats and Owls from Japanese folklore. The story has a moral education in the form of never taking something that is the right of others.

Although the purpose is only to borrow, it is necessary to first ask permission. In addition, the story also teaches children the moral importance of keeping promises. By telling a variety of fairy tales every day, there will be a lot of moral education that is digested by children.

Some of my speeches about the importance of moral education. If there is an error in saying, I apologize.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Short Speech Text Example About Technological Progress


Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Dear all, all present at this place.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let us give thanks to Allah SWT, for all of His mercy and fortune we can gather in this place. Then we say prayers and greetings to the Prophet Muhammad who guided people to Islam which is a path full of the light of faith.

Muslims must always diligently study, because the knowledge possessed by Allah SWT is very broad. Many of the obligations in pursuing this knowledge are also widely conveyed in the verses of the Qur'an.

One of the verses that oblige Muslims to study is Qs Al Mujadalah verse 11, "Allah will exalt the believers among you and those who are given the knowledge of a few degrees."

By owning and applying these knowledge, technology was born. Technology that aims to prosper human beings and facilitate human halal work is permissible in Islam.

For example, nano-size robot technology that can be used to cure certain diseases. Such technology, it is expected that its progress can cure many patients. Other modern technologies that will be very beneficial for humans are robots that can treat elderly people.

What is clear in this era, the development of technology throughout the world is growing very rapidly. If we all stop to be passionate about studying, then we will be left behind from other countries and this country will be very easy to be colonized in a more modern form aka colonization in a new form.

Text Examples of Short Speeches Dream and Realize Your Dreams in Developing Technology

You must often hear crazy ideas that might seem impossible to materialize. Some of these crazy ideas are invisible robes like those of Harry Potter, paper-thin cellphones, cars that can run on their own without drivers, shoes that have screens, and contact lenses that can change color.

The whole idea initially looked crazy and maybe if there would definitely be directly linked to things that are mystical. Linking everything to mystical things is not permissible in Islam, because it is included in shirk.

While science and technology are also permissible in Islam. By using science, now all the crazy ideas that should have been called genius have begun to be realized and continuously developed.

The invisible cloak possessed by Harry Potter has begun to be carried out research to achieve this since 2003 by several scientists from Japan. Then, the development of the robe has been carried out in various countries, including America.

The principle is to use a modification on the surface of gold that is very thin and shaped like an antenna in the size of nanotechnology. Whereas a very thin cellphone has been launched by the Samsung company called Youm. This mobile is very thin and flexible, so you can bend it in any direction without breaking or cracking.

Who clearly dreams. No matter how crazy the idea you have, as long as it can be useful for human life, then chase it. There is nothing impossible in this life, because Allah's knowledge is very broad and people only know very few parts.

Short Speech Text Example about Hygiene

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We pray to the presence of Allah SWT for the blessing of His mercy that we can all gather in this place. We can all gather without any obstacles to this place. This time I will speak on the importance of cleanliness.

After the dry season has passed, the rainy season will come. Before this season arrives, it's good that we try to prepare the environment around it by ensuring the smooth drainage.

The flow of drainage channels is one of the steps that can be taken to prevent flooding. One way to launch clogged drains due to accumulation of organic waste is to use a mixture of white vinegar, baking soda and hot water.

However, if the drains are blocked due to plastic waste, then the only way is to take the plastic waste. Of course it will be disgusting for people who are working devoted to cleaning the environment. It's just that instead of having to flood, community service to clean the environment will be better done routinely.

Remember that Allah SWT likes cleanliness, because cleanliness reflects one's faith. In addition, it is necessary to emphasize to the younger generation the importance of disposing of garbage in the trash.

Be a generation that loves cleanliness, so that if there are tourists who come will be very comfortable visiting in Indonesia. With a clean environment, there will not be many bacteria that multiply.

This bacterium is very dangerous for health. Therefore, by improving environmental cleanliness, it will improve the health of the surrounding community. Of course goodness like this will be very liked by Allah SWT.

Apart from keeping clean waterways, you also need to know how to clear water used for household needs. The cleanliness of this water is also important, because it will directly affect the body.

The most effective way is by using Moringa seeds. This method is the most natural way. Even compared to alum, purifying water using Moringa seeds is safer for health.

In addition, Moringa seeds can also bind various kinds of metals which of course will be harmful to the body when consumed. So for those of you who still have this one tree, hope to always be cared for and if you can breed it.

So many speeches from me, may be useful. If there is an error in saying, I apologize.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Examples of Texts for Short Speeches The Importance of Immunization

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I will convey about the importance of immunization for your baby. Legitimate immunizations must follow the schedule set by IDAI (Indonesian Pediatrician Association). When your baby is first born, it's important to immunize hepatitis B.

In fact, it is strongly recommended that the immunization be carried out in the first 12 hours after the baby is born. Hepatitis B immunization is useful to prevent liver or liver cancer in infants. Then when the baby moves to the age of 1 month, the baby needs to be given two types of immunizations, namely the polio and BCG vaccines.

The polio vaccine will be given to the baby through droplets. Whereas BCG will be inserted into the baby's body by injection. This BCG vaccine serves to prevent babies from getting TB (Tuberculosis). After the baby reaches the age of 2 months, the baby needs to be given a DPT vaccine that serves to prevent the outbreak of diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus. The price of each vaccine will certainly vary.

There are also locally produced vaccines and some imported from abroad, such as Belgium and France. Usually imported vaccines will have a price range of about 2 times the price of local vaccines. It's just that vaccines originating from abroad do not cause fever in infants compared to locally made vaccines.

However, the fact is that almost all babies are injected using local vaccines and live healthy to large. What is clear, immunization for babies is very important and as a parent, you must care about it.

So many speeches that I convey. If there is an error in saying, I apologize.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Examples of Short Speech Texts Let's Improve the Nation's Literacy Culture

Maybe for those of you who don't like reading, you need to know one thing that the world is wide. Even when you read a lot, you will increasingly realize that the knowledge you have is only a little.

If reading is not a hobby for you, then at least you can start getting used to reading a lot. Read about newspapers, novels, news, social media hashtags, or encyclopedias. The more you read, the more thoughts you have will open.

If you read a lot, you will realize that in many other parts of the world, such as Japan, America and Germany, have made rapid advances in technology. How fast will you understand when you read a lot.

Did you know that now Harry Potter's invisible cloak has been realized using current technology. It is not magic, but science or utilizing natural law. To make it happen, scientists modified the surface of gold to form a nanometer size antenna.

In addition, did you know that technologies such as holograms that are very similar to reality have also been circulating out there, especially Japan. We call it the most perfect hologram now called 7D. So when you go somewhere overseas there are suddenly whales coming out of the land. Don't be surprised, it's called a 7D hologram.

What is clear is that all of this knowledge and technological advances in the world will only be obtained by diligently reading. Spread this one habit to the younger generation around you too. That way together it will be able to increase the number of Indonesian literacy.

Examples of Short Speech Texts Love Domestic Products

Indonesia is very rich in its natural resources. Therefore, the raw materials needed to make an item can be said to be abundantly available in Indonesia. If you already know this, the next step is to respect goods made in Indonesia and the work of the nation's children.

The results of these items have also been widely known worldwide and abroad. As an Indonesian nation, you must be proud of this. To show this sense of pride can begin by always trying to buy domestic products.

For example, if you need a classy shoe or bag, you can just buy a brand that is Buccheri. This brand is widely known overseas and there are many people who like this brand. So don't be outdone by other nations who are actually very happy with the products made by our nation.

You like to eat donuts, so buying J.Co is the right choice. This one donut surely you already know him. This one café is under the auspices of Johnny Andrean Group. Most of the Indonesian people think that this café is from abroad, even though it is a wrong issue.

Then, for those of you who really like eating crispy chicken, then just buy crispy chicken made by CFC. Even though its name is similar to KFC, it does not mean that this one dining place is a foreign brand.

This chicken franchise company is a company managed by PT Pioneerindi Gourmet Tbk. The company was first established in 1983. At present, CFC has at least 180 outlets throughout Indonesia.

Examples of Short Speech Texts Let's Plant

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I was in this place to deliver a speech about the importance of planting. This is a very emergency thing considering the increasing amount of pollution. This homeland really needs help from all the Indonesian people to reduce the amount of air pollution, especially by planting.

Oxygen is produced by plants, so humans really need plants to be able to live through daily routines. If you are aware of this, then you should try to have at least five types of plants in your home.

Even though the house owned is so small, it will never block as long as there is intention and also accompanied by action. You can just plant a cactus and put it on the porch of your house. In addition, you can also plant various kinds of vegetables near your kitchen that are exposed to the sun.

If you need plants that can absorb air that is badly polluted more efficiently, then you need to plant Areca Palm. This one plant was introduced by Dr. Wolverton which can absorb various kinds of pollution in the air.

Even these plants can absorb toluene and xylene much better than other plants. This type of plant can also be used as an indoor plant, provided that the place is often exposed to sunlight.

As for those of you who are already married and already have children, it is necessary to pass on these planting habits to your child. Teach about the importance of planting for the clean air of the surrounding environment.

So many speeches from me and hopefully useful. If there are errors in the words delivered, I apologize.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Text Examples of Short Speeches Let's Dispose of Trash in Its Place and Separate Waste

The awareness to dispose of garbage in trash cans in Indonesia is still very low. As a result there are still many unpleasant scenes caused by a pile of garbage or garbage scattered everywhere.

Another important thing to know is the separation of waste by type. Let's say organic waste with recycled waste. Separation with these two types of waste has made it easier for the government to deal with waste issues.

So if there is garbage that can be foul-smelling or easily destroyed due to decomposition of bacteria, then the waste is included in organic waste. Whereas waste, such as paper and plastic, will be put in recycling bins.

Separation of waste and disposing of garbage in its place will reduce the risk of flooding, when rain has arrived. What is clear is that if flooding continues, the stagnant water is not too bad, because it is not mixed with garbage.

In addition, the separation of waste will save money, energy, and also time in dealing with waste or garbage problems. So there will be a lot of long-term benefits by implementing this system.

In addition, those of you who are already married are advised to start this good habit and teach the children the importance of throwing garbage in its place. Remember that cleanliness is part of faith.
Examples of Short Speech Texts Love Indonesian Culture
The spirit of nationalism from the young generation of Indonesia indeed felt increasingly faded. However, as a generation today, you can also participate in preventing the decline of this spirit of nationalism. It's easy to do this by using batik clothes more often.

It is the simplest way to show your spirit of nationalism towards Indonesian culture. In addition, if you have friends from abroad, you can just introduce us to our culture by giving him some kinds of souvenirs.

Souvenirs given can be in the form of traditional musical instruments, such as angklung. You can also introduce about culinary or snacks from Indonesia. Guaranteed they will definitely feel very happy. Especially if you can give souvenirs in the form of dried rendang.

It must be guaranteed that they will all be addicted. Another way that can be applied is to teach a lot of traditional dances as well as modifications to the younger generation. Also show a variety of traditional Indonesian musical instruments that are already global and are considered to be amazing on the international scene, such as angklung and Sasando.

Remember that the Indonesian people must love their own culture. Preserve this nation's culture before being taken by other nations. Not many nations have cultural diversity like Indonesia. So be grateful, if this nation consists of many tribes.

With the diversity of these tribes, Indonesia has a fantastic amount of cultural wealth. Know that in terms of regional languages ​​only, Indonesia has more than 600 regional languages. The numbers are fantastic, aren't they? It is only in terms of language. Not to mention if combined with various other aspects of culture.

What is clear is that thanks to the huge number of tribes, there are many types of traditional foods, musical instruments, traditional weapons, traditional clothes, and regional songs. This cultural wealth is a result of the ancestral heritage that we should guard too.

Preservation of this culture can increase the country's foreign exchange too. Therefore, through line, Indonesia can actually develop very rapidly.

Examples of Short Speech Texts Increase Empathy in Community Life

Empathy is the ability to be able to feel the emotions of others and also help others. Currently in urban areas, people's empathy has begun to decline. They become people who are more individualistic.

If there are people who experience difficulties, usually people around them no longer care. Though humans are not individual beings, but social beings. There are times when one person will someday need help from another person.

This empathy can be educated more easily to the younger generation or before entering kindergarten age. You need to teach your child as early as possible about the importance of empathy. It is strongly recommended to keep children away from using smartphones.

Teach children about empathy through stories every night. In addition, you can invite him to play together which teaches the importance of sharing with others. Let the child play various kinds of traditional games that are often played in ancient times.

This traditional game often has a lot of positive effects on children, especially regarding how to socialize and also empathize with people. When children get used to early experience of playing like this, then in the future he will be very easy to adapt.

More and more children are taught empathy, so in the future there will be more and more people who are living with each other like custom in the village. This is not something instant and can be taught quickly to the younger generation. Therefore, empathy teaching must be done as early as possible and sustainable.

Examples of Short Speech Texts Learn to Go Abroad

Today's world competition is indeed very fierce in terms of technology. Progress has also occurred on all fronts. To catch up with this lag, the present generation must have a high learning spirit.

Learning for most Indonesians is indeed a difficult thing. Learning requires perseverance where not many people can bear this boredom. Therefore, study diligently in accordance with what is your passion.

By understanding what is your own passion, you will not feel tired and tired. Do this continuously, so you will become an expert in your field of interest. Then, it will be easier to get a scholarship to be able to study abroad in accordance with the field that is your passion.

When you are already an expert in your field, learning about new things abroad will also be easy. In addition, the learning climate abroad is very different from in Indonesia. This will further spark your enthusiasm in completing your studies or at least to be able to maintain the scholarship that you have obtained.

All of these things will happen on their own without realizing it. So you will be able to, because you are used to it. When you have also been there for more than a year, the foreign language used there will be honed by itself.

After graduating, you can just go back to Indonesia and advance Indonesia through what you have learned while abroad. Spread the desire for other people to be passionate about studying abroad too. One time if there were many Indonesians doing this, the progress of the Indonesian people would become increasingly rapid and be able to compete with various other nations.

Examples of Short Speech Texts About Drugs

Narcotics is indeed one of the serious problems experienced by the Indonesian people. This nation needs to unite to eradicate drugs. It is also important to teach children before high school age.

So bring closer generation to religion, so that if there is a problem, the child will ask for protection and guidance to Allah SWT. That is why religious education is very necessary. In addition, it is also necessary to teach about the negative effects of drugs.

The first negative impact is that in the long run it will be detrimental to heart health in the form of an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature. So people who consume it may die from strokes or heart attacks.

Self-defeating actions are also considered as religiously bad actions. It could also be categorized as an attempt to commit suicide or die silly. Even if there are problems and feel they cannot hold them anymore, you can just confide in Allah SWT and pray for convenience.

Short Speech Text Example Let's Develop Technology in Indonesia

Technology is a product of science that is usually used to help human work. In terms of technology, Indonesia has lagged behind compared to other countries.

For example, in terms of agriculture, the tractor used to date has not been a tractor that can directly measure water content, fertilizer needs, do seed spreading, water the plants, and also fertilize which is done at one time and also automatically.

To be able to make it happen, a combination of various fields of science is needed, such as Artificial Intelligence, machinery, and agriculture. What is clear is that these three fields are not easy and need the right people to be able to design them according to the contours of the land in Indonesia.

However, if there are many Indonesian children who study hard, then realizing this dream can be done in a not too long period of time. Apart from technology for agriculture, there are many technologies in other fields that must also be developed.

Examples of Short Speech Texts of Living in Harmony and Peace

Humans are social beings, so that in fulfilling their daily needs they need help from others. Even in Religion, Muslims are also required to live in mutual tolerance and help each other in terms of goodness.

In addition, every Muslim is also required to be able to establish good relations with humans after establishing a good relationship with Allah SWT. May not fight more than 3 days. Therefore, living in harmony and peace is highly recommended.

In addition, you as a generation today are also required to be able to teach your next generation about the importance of living in harmony and peace. When life is realized, people will help each other when faced with a problem.

Examples of Short Speech Texts About Success

Success is the dream of every human being. Achieving it also requires a lot of effort, time and thought. Most successful people work as traders. So the door to fortune is 99% coming from trade.

Therefore, there are many people who are trying to open a business in droves. Opening a business is not an easy thing, so there are some who are still successful and some are bankrupt. To be able to survive in the world of commerce, information is a very important thing.

Apart from information, innovation and creativity are also needed to be able to boost the graph from the sale. Of course getting an idea is not an easy thing too. Therefore, the idea is expensive.

Apart from creativity and innovation, you will also need a commitment to keep on trying. Getting customers or consumers, of course, takes time. Especially if it's not distributed through various kinds of social media and other advertising media.

Therefore, you have to be a very diligent and steel minded person to be able to brush off all the boredom and also the desire to surrender to the trading company you have.

Examples of Short Speech Texts on Motivation to Never Give Up

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Let us give thanks to the presence of Allah SWT for His blessings and mercy, we can all gather in this place with any conditions. I'm here to give a speech about motivation to never give up.

Everyone will have different problems in life. However, for those who are persistent it will be a challenge that is worthy of being conquered. Burden will be a hindrance if you think it is a problem.

However, problems can also be seen as an opportunity to sharpen one's ability to solve the problem. So the important thing is how you look at a problem.

Believe all kinds of storms will end. There can't be a storm that never subsides. Likewise with this life, it is not possible to be continuously filled with things that make you happy. That's not how God educates you to be a great person.

This is also similar to the term sea that is ferocious will produce reliable sailors. Therefore, ordinary people with various life problems, usually he will be a person who never gives up and is tough.

Being a person who never gives up is not easy. It takes strong commitment to yourself. However, if you can survive, then it is something that is good and is the beginning of other successes that you will achieve.

That's all from this speech and hopefully it will be useful. Thank you for the attention of the attendees.

Examples of Short Texts for Youth Speeches

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Dear pre-audience.

First of all, let us say thank you to Allah SWT for the abundance of His blessings and blessings we can all gather in this place. Besides that, let's say prayer to the Prophet Muhammad, because it has guided Muslims to the right path.

I will here deliver a speech relating to teenagers. At this time, indeed there will be many conflicts between parents and also the child. However, parents still have a role to be able to direct others.

Teenagers are the future generation of the nation. Therefore, for those of you who have children in adolescence, then you are required to be more concerned about child interaction. As parents, it is necessary to keep the teenagers from falling into wrong relationships, such as smoking, brawls, and drugs.

Basically, having lots of friends is a good thing. It's just that of course it must be with friends who have character and behave well, so that children don't fall prey. In adolescence, they will usually listen to what friends say rather than what their parents say.

Direct the teens with a variety of positive and beneficial activities. Whatever positive activities are carried out will certainly bear fruit in the future. Do not let wrong relationships, such as brawls.

Brawl is an activity that harms oneself, parents, and others, because it can cause yourself to be hurt, parents embarrassed, and take other people's lives or make other people hurt.

So many speeches that I convey and hopefully useful. If there are wrong words, I apologize.

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